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NZ Alpine Journal Index – PDF download version


New Zealand Alpine Journal Index 1892-2018 Volumes 1-70

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This is the fourth edition of the Index to the New Zealand Alpine Journal; earlier editions were published in 1975, 1977 and 1987. Early volumes of the Journal contained indexes, and for a period biennial indexes were published. But from the early 1970’s no indexes have been included in the Journal and volunteers have stepped up to create a comprehensive index to all volumes of the Journal. Earlier editions of the Index were published as print publications (and the 1987 Index is available for purchase from NZAC), but the 2017 edition is available via the internet as a pdf file.

Any contributions to future updates are welcome, please contact Climber

Author/Editor: Ross Cullen

Booklet with no images other than cover

104 pages

Published: 2019 5th edition

While this download is free, we ask that a donation is considered. This would go towards helping us to fund the work required, ensuring this information base continues to grow.

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