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The Journal is the Club’s premiere publication; a record, source for research and a forum for reflection.

The New Zealand Alpine Club Journal was first published in March 1892.  With a small gap between 1896 and 1921, the Journal has mostly been published annually ever since.  In 1972 the Journal increased in size and colour images began to be included.  Also, from 1972 up until 2002 both hard and soft cover versions were printed.  Today’s Journals are produced in soft cover only and published each December.

The Journal has gone from strength to strength to become a mainstay of the New Zealand Alpine Club and much admired publication.

Thanks to the generous donation of Journals from Club members and spares held in stock, the Club has been able to complete several sets for our Library and Hocken Archive collections.  Any surplus Journals are for sale.   Prices may vary according to condition.  Understandably, as all of the early Journals are secondhand with some wear and tear and many of the later ones have also been in storage, books are sold on an “as is” basis.

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1941 – 1950

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2001 – 2010

Issues 2011 through to present are individually entered products

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